White House says diabetics don’t deserve health insurance

Donald Trump’s budget chief again revealed the Republicans’ callous approach to health care, arguing that some diabetics simply do not deserve health insurance, because of how they may have developed the illness. Donald Trump’s budget director specifically called out people suffering from diabetes as a group of Americans who do not …

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10 Reasons You Should Not Fear Muslims

10 Reasons You Should Not Fear Muslims When I was a toddler, I was terrified of ladybugs. There was just something about how different they looked that made me fear and despise them. To me, they looked harmful. As I grew older, I learned that ladybugs are not only absolutely …

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Michelle & Barack Obama Just Received An Unprecedented Honor

The distinction has previously been reserved for the greatest athletes of all time. The University of Michigan’s honorary football game captains have included NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan, Baseball great Hank Aaron, and four-time Super Bowl MVP and Michigan alumnus Tom Brady. Today, the Hill’s John Bowden reports, the school …

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