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BREAKING: Ramos Says That The “Trump Effect” Is Scaring Illegal Immigrants From Coming To The US! (VIDEO Inside)

Jorge Ramos made a point that unlawful settlers are petrified by the “Trump Effect” and it is making them unwilling to ever endeavor to by one means or another slip into the United States. The creator and columnist for Univision appeared on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, and endeavored to clarify …

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SHOCKING: Madonna Said “I’m Ashamed To Be An American” – But What She Did Next Is Even More Awful… (VIDEO) – Do You Support Her ?

As a matter of fact, if she wasn’t born in America, it’s questionable whether she would become what it is today considering her apparent talent. Moreover, Madonna now has something to add to her fellow Americans. Her newest act of tyranny refers to a statement that she made, noting that …

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BREAKING: TRUMP Revеаls Idеntity оf Whitе Houѕе Lеakеr – Entirе Nаtion Ѕhocked. Do You Support Arrest Them?

BOOM! Another rat has been caught, another traitor working against the new White House administration has just been confirmed and you will be extremely disappointed to see who are we talking about. Not because you didn’t expect, but because some of you may have given votes to this… Let’s call …

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After WH Petition to Declare George Soros a Terrorist Is Launched, This Happens IMMEDIATELY

A petition on WhiteHouse.gov demanding that the federal government declare anti-American billionaire George Soros a terrorist is getting crazy support from the American folk. George Soros is notorious known for funding dozens of anti-American groups, unions, left-wing think tanks, Black Lives Matter, and many Americans have about had it with …

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