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“All Men, All White” Michelle Obama Says What We Need To Get Rid Of In Order To Solve All Our Problems

Michelle Obama talked at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women and said some truly nauseating things in regards to ‘white men’.

She pointed the finger at them for about the greater part of society’s issues.

“I’ve done a ton of discussions in the course of recent months, and a great deal of inquiries I get from x-association or x-industry is, ‘We’re chipping away at decent variety. What do you suggest we do?’

And the primary thing I prescribe is that you ensure that the critical thinking table is differing,” said Michelle. Obviously, similar to all liberals, she just means skin shading decent variety, not scholarly assorted variety.

She went ahead to portray how she’s sat in congress and felt extremely baffled by observing a great deal of white men. What’s more, asserted that is the place every one of our issues originate from.

“On one side of the room it’s actually dark and white. Actually. That is the shading bed on one side of the room. On the opposite side of the room, there are yellows and blues and whites and greens; physically there’s a distinction in shading and the tone, since one side; all men; all white. On the opposite side; a few ladies; a few non-white individuals,” said Michelle.

“What’s more, wherever I was sitting, I would dependably have a visitor in that stall; and I was dependably the most humiliated toward the starting when individuals would see that, since I’d say, ‘Is it just me? Am I taking a gander at how administration functions?’ And individuals look down at that and go, ‘Better believe it, that looks great. That looks right. We’re presumably completing a great deal, and we’re doing it right.’ I take a gander at that and I go, ‘No big surprise. No big surprise we battle. No big surprise individuals don’t put stock in governmental issues. It’s not, we’re not notwithstanding seeing what these rooms appear as though,” she said.

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