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The Results Of The Latest Survey About The Potential Oprah/Trump Presidential Face-Off Will Leave You Shocked!

President Trump stated that he respected Oprah Winfrey and didn’t trust she would run for office in 2020, when he talked with journalists recently. However, he did express certainty if Winfrey run, stating: “No doubt I’ll beat Oprah. Oprah would be a great deal of fun.”

Be that as it may, a recent Rasmussen survey shows that our president has to be more careful about this.
As per a Rasmussen Reports study discharged on Wednesday, 48 percent of potential U.S. voters would pick celebrity host Oprah Winfrey in 2020, while 38 percent would pick Trump.

Also, about 14 percent of voters stated that they would be undecided in a challenge between the two.
The talk about a presidential bid for Winfrey started after her discourse at the Golden Globes on Sunday night. Winfrey utilized the event to talk about a promising future for minority ladies and, to show her respect to other ladies who have stood up about inappropriate behavior in Hollywood.

CNN’s Brian Stelter revealed that two “close friends” of Oprah’s claim that she is “currently considering” about running for office.

As per Yahoo, “Polling outlets have surveyed Oprah’s popularity in the past, and a March 2017 Quinnipiac poll found Oprah with a 52 percent favorability rating and massive 72 percent favorability rating with Democrats. The latest Rasmussen poll shows Oprah with a 55 percent general favorability, and 27 percent ‘very favorable’ rating.”

“And yet despite that strong popularity return for the television personality, 69 percent of respondents to the March 2017 poll said she shouldn’t run for president.”

The Rasmussen Reports study of 1,000 potential voters was led January 8-9, 2018 and rarely made mistakes about the presidential races so far.

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