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Poll : Donald Trump: The Islamophobia president ? Do you agree?…

Trump rose to power with an Islamophobic campaign and Islamophobia now will become his official policy.

Islamophobia won resoundingly tonight. Instead of the first female president, the United States got its first Islamophobia president.

From start to finish, the 2016 presidential election vividly revealed that Islamophobia is alive, and potent and politically resonant as ever. Scapegoating Islam and vilifying Muslims was far more than merely campaign messaging; for Donald Trump it was a winning strategy.

Trump’s full-blown Islamophobia resonated deeply with voters. Moreover, it mobilised more than just a fringe or rabid demographic, but a sizable segment of the American polity to cast votes in his favour.

An NBC poll conducted in December 2015 found that 25 percent of Americans supported Trump’s Muslim ban. A March 2016 poll indicated greater support, with 51 percent favouring Trump’s Ban ” until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on”.

Trump interpreted these staggering figures, which rose as the campaign progressed, as strong support for his Islamophobia campaign.

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