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BREAKING: 42 Shot To Death In Independence Day Massacre – President Trump Just Released SHOCKING Statement

The death toll continues to rise in one of America’s deadliest cities that’s more of a war zone than a place to call home, over Independence Day weekend. After President Trump issued a direct warning to these thugs to stop the carnage, they didn’t listen and instead, stepped up their killing game. Now, Trump has released a shocking statement that proves these murderous people messed with the wrong president.

Officials in Chicago have overlooked the problems in their city for too long and it’s been at the cost of countless lives. As Barack Obama’s former hometown, he didn’t seem to want to address it either and the rising murder rate is also a big part of his legacy having made excuses for criminals and empowered Black Lives Matter. Now that there is a real leader in charge, Trump gave the city a warning that they chose to ignore and will now pay a big price for it.

In an unprecedented move, Trump told the leaders of the city that if they didn’t get proactive about getting the violence under control he would send in Federal Agents. Chicagoans apparently thought he was all bark and no bite, despite seeing countless ways he’s proved he’s a man of his word. This was not a threat, it was a promise and another one that he kept as he proved when he announced that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) are sending twenty of their best agents in to take care of this killing spree since city officials didn’t do it. However, that wasn’t enough and now he has dramatically stepped up his game to solve this problem once and for all.

Reuters reports:

President Donald Trump said on Friday he was sending federal help to fight crime in Chicago that has reached “epidemic” proportions.

The government is sending federal agents to Chicago and plans to prosecute firearms cases aggressively, Attorney General Jeff Sessions told Fox News when asked about Trump’s statement about the plan in an early-morning Twitter post.

“Crime and killings in Chicago have reached such epidemic proportions that I am sending in Federal help. 1714 shootings in Chicago this year!” Trump wrote on Twitter.

The federal assistance will come in the form of the Chicago Crime Gun Strike Force, a collaboration between the police and the Department of Justice’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

“The Trump Administration will not let the bloodshed go on; we cannot accept these levels of violence,” Sessions said in a statement on Friday afternoon. The group became operational on June 1, Sessions said.


Trump is the first leader to actually address with the killing spree that never ceases in Chicago. The city’s Mayor doesn’t even do anything about it and neither did Obama who calls the Windy City his former home. Thousands of lives could have been spared had Obama taken action like this while he was in office, but instead, he proved that black lives don’t really matter to him — it was just something he liked to talk about to incite more violence and divisiveness.

The number of murders, shootings and shooting victims have all decreased slightly this year in the city of 2.7 million. There have been 320 murders, down from 322 over the same period last year. There have been 1,703 shooting victims, down from 1,935, according to police figures.

The president has regularly singled out Chicago’s violent crime problem and in January decried the high crime rate in the third-most populous U.S. city as “carnage,” Reuter’s report continued. In 2016, the number of murders in Chicago exceeded 760, a jump of nearly 60 percent, and was more than New York and Los Angeles combined. There were more than 4,300 shooting victims in the city last year, according to police.


Unlike Obama, Trump isn’t going to say something he doesn’t plan on following through on. He said he’ll drain the swamp and he’s doing just that in addition to finally addressing what’s gone unchecked in Chicago for far too long. It’s incredible to finally have a president who doesn’t mess around and simply gets things done regardless of who opposes his plan of action in doing so.

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