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Ivanka Trump Stuns Washington With New Outfit…

First Daughter Ivanka Trump never seems to fail when it comes to leaving reporters stunned thanks to her elegance and epitome of chic, and the case was same this Friday, when she stepped out of her home in Washington, D.C. one day after skipping President Trump’s announcement that he would withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Climate Change treaty.

From the pictures below, it can be seen that Ivanka was rocking a bold red lipstick with sunglasses, accompanied by her well-known elegant style, which this time was represented with a glamorous sleeveless black and white dress.

Ivanka didn’t seem to be upset or pull up a mean face as a result of the criticism that the moron liberals are throwing at her father for pulling out our nation from the Paris Accord, in fact, she had a stunning smile, despite that the decision made by President Trump was against her advising.

But despite all the buzz, she still managed to look refreshed as she was pictured walking out of her home, flashing a quick smile but just enough to win over the hearts of millions.

She took it to Twitter on Thursday evening, to show her support for the LGBTQ community, to reassure them that they still have the support of the First Family, despite President Trump cancelling the 8-year long tradition of holding festivities within the White House for the LGBT month, initially started by Obama.

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