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Muslim Migrants Demand Pork Be Removed From School Lunches – Get Brutal Surprise From Conservative Mayor

Liberals are always claiming that Muslim migrants simply want to assimilate into Western culture. However, in reality, Muslim migrants often waste no time in trying to force members of their new homes to submit to Shariah law upon their arrival.

This was proven once again this week when Muslim migrants in Chevigny-Saint-Sauveur tried to force schools to create alternative lunch menus that did not include pork. Local Mayor Mayor Michel Rotger, a proud conservative, wasn’t having any of it.

Breitbart reported that Rotger banned alternative menus that do not include pork in an effort to promote secular values. He explained that this would save the local government money, as alternative menus create too much waste.

“We are putting an operation in place so the children eat everything and their diets are balanced. There is too much waste so we will teach them to eat meat, be it poultry or pork,” Rotger said.

Liberals were immediately enraged by this, of course. Paul Garrigue, president of a group of associations which includes Amnesty International and the League of Human Rights, spoke out to slam Rotger for his decision.

“Today, we are talking about secularism in a generally anti-Muslim way. We see secularism as a tool of tolerance and living together and not exclusion,” Garrigue whined, adding that pupils who refuse to eat pork should feel “at ease.”

Liberals may be furious about what Rotger did, but we LOVE it! SHARE this story if you think pork should be included in school lunch menus!

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