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Lesbian Files Lawsuit For Sperm Donor Mix Up, Judge Delivers EPIC Ruling

Lesbian Files Lawsuit For Sperm Donor Mix Up, Judge Delivers EPIC Ruling

When a lesbian decided that she didn’t need a man to have a baby, she went to a sperm bank in hopes of creating a blonde-haired and blue-eyed baby with the help of science. It would seem that God had other plans, since she mistakenly received sperm from a black man. She filed a lawsuit for “wrongful birth,” but the judge just told her a few things she didn’t want to hear.

At one time the traditional family was rather simple. It included a father, mother, children, and the token dog or cat if you chose. That picture has changed tremendously as the left has pushed for a watered-down version of a family, which includes lesbians and gays. However, as science would dictate, in order to procreate you need the opposite sex to make a baby, so many turn to the sperm bank.

At one time, I am sure that a sperm bank had a noble purpose in helping parents who were struggling with fertility, but it has now become the place where women can start having children on their own without the assistance from a father. The feminist today tout how the sperm bank is empowering, but there are always unintended consequences, as one lesbian mother has discovered.

Jennifer Cramblett said in her lawsuit she was not prepared to raise Peyton, her mixed-race child.

Jennifer Cramblett of Uniontown, Ohio sued Midwest Sperm Bank in Illinois after they sent her a black man’s sperm instead of what she “ordered,” which resulted in a mixed-race child. Cramblett’s suit stated that she was not culturally prepared to raise a mixed-race child at all due to her upbringing. She also stated in her lawsuit that the couple may now have to move to a more diverse neighborhood to better suit their daughters needs. Cramblett also said in her lawsuit that she was taught stereotypical attitudes toward minorities, which lends her “limited cultural competency” with black people.

Jennifer Cramblett and her lesbian partner

Cramblett had picked a blonde haired, blue-eyed man with her partner so that the baby would look like her lesbian parents. After their daughter was born, Cramblett filed a lawsuit alleging wrongful birth and breach of warranty, which was thrown out of court this past Thursday.

Judge Ronald Sutter agreed with the sperm banks attorney, Bob Summers, that Cramblett could not claim wrongful birth since the child was born healthy. Though the lawsuit was thrown out, the judge said she could re-file under a negligence claim, which is a route Cramblett may consider.

This is why God intended children to be born to one mother and one father. There is a reason God designed families the way He did, so this sort of situation would never occur. If Cramblett truly loves her daughter, the color of her skin would be no issue and there would be no lawsuit. One day this baby will find out they called her a “wrongful birth.” How will that make this child feel to know that she was not wanted or what they had “ordered”?

Coming from members of the LGBTQ community, which demands tolerance and acceptance, this case is mind-boggling. We are suppose to embrace their lifestyle choice, but this woman couldn’t embrace the way her own child was born. She’s a beautiful little girl, so I fail to see the mother’s issue.

God had a perfect design for how children were to enter into this world. When we try to alter His law with our arrogance and ignorance, we are shown how limited we truly are in our understanding of His perfect plan.

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