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WATCH Where Obama Spent Nearly Billion Dollars in Taxpayer Money (VIDEO)

Barack Obama, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton conspired together to send seven hundred and seventy million dollars – nearly $1 billion to the Middle East to renovate mosques.

Reportedly, the US government has $770 million US taxpayer money to spend on renovating mosques. This happens at a time when the United States Marine Corps has about two-thirds of their fighter jets grounded because they don’t have money for parts.

One of the State Department’s USAID programs is being used to sent rebuilding money to mosques. Even though they work with large sums like $1 billion, they have been flying under the radar until now.

We all know Obama tried to lift up Islam in any way possible. Obama and Hillary’s “Smart Diplomacy” has made a complete mess of the Middle East. Because of how ignorant Obama and Clinton are, Vladimir Putin has put a big Russian footprint in the Middle East.

Obama and Clinton’s staff has always consisted of many Muslims – Hillary Clinton employed Huma Abedin as an advisor, while she is tied directly to the Muslim Brotherhood through her family. Obama on the other hand, has made everything possible to point Muslim radicals to positions on the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, and the Department of Homeland Security.

Obama also banned the use of the word terrorism from any and all government discussions or documents. He called what the slaughter with the radical Muslim Army chaplain a “workplace violence.”

The Army went on to not give the soldiers who were murdered their purple hearts, and their families were refused combat death benefits even though the attack was clearly a terrorist action in Islam’s war against the United States.

If Clinton was elected president, she would have done anything to accelerate Obama policies toward radical Muslim terrorists.


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