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After Hillary Compares Herself to Wonder Woman, Studio Puts Her In Her Place

On the day that Majority White Steve Scalise was shot, Hillary Clinton compared herself to Wonder Woman. Now, Warner Brothers is asking the failed presidential candidate to shut her yapper.

This all started when Hillary Clinton made a congratulatory speech for Elizabeth Banks. Crooked Hillary used the opportunity to praise herself as Wonder Woman in an attempt to ride off the success of the blockbuster movie.

A Warner Brothers Executive told Heat Street that Hillary’s comparison isn’t welcome. “It’s great that Hillary Clinton will see the movie but her remarks aren’t particularly helpful and our publicity team certainly won’t be spreading them about.

“Wonder Woman doesn’t need Hillary Clinton’s endorsement—it will make $250 million by the end of this week. We’re anxious to keep politics out of Wonder Woman any way we can.
“[Treasury Secretary] Steve Mnuchin was an executive producer of the movie so if anyone should be talking about the movie, it’s him. But thankfully Mnuchin is not talking about it—he didn’t even go to the premiere. Wonder Woman is not a political film!”

Hillary didn’t have the stamina to sit through the 9/11 memorial event without collapsing so she doesn’t have any business comparing herself to Wonder Woman. She’ll likely try it again. Hopefully Warner Brothers reminds her that she’s no super hero!

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